About Me

Hearty welcome to my blog!

I am an Indian, in love with my country, its rich culture, art and diversity.  I am a daughter to wonderful parents, wife to the best man in the world and mother to two little darlings.  I am an ophthalmologist by profession, but also do lot many other things with lot of passion.

I believe that a home has its own character reflected by its inhabitants.

I have a taste for natural and original objects and prefer hand made to machine made.  As a result, our life has many objects and moments planned in heart and then hand made in our own sweet time in our little home.  I also believe, if some one else can do it, so can I.  It makes me think think think and then I come up with something new suiting my needs.

So you have guessed by now that my blog is about celebrating life, lifestyle, craft and creativity.

When it comes to celebration and happiness, one needs company, hence you are precious to me.

Have been reared by a father in transferable job and married to a man in transferable job; have become a bit of gypsy at heart.  A new place means a new canvas to paint, new decorating ideas and more creativity ...

I do painting, sewing, less of cooking (sometimes experimenting), knitting (few), crochet (new), gardening (love green), lots of crafting and 24x7 mothering.

I hope you cherish your visit to my blog, where I can share my creations and feelings with you.

Please leave me a comment to treasure.



  1. please post some of your sewing projects Mom!

    1. Thanks Srividya for your visit and comment. Shall very soon post a sewing project, I bet is very useful and trendy...Do keep coming back again and again...

  2. Thankyou for your visit, shall be pleased to have you back again soon

  3. Became an avid reader of your blog during Me Made May '16, for which I signed up and did not post anything :(
    I think all your creations are beautiful and very original . Love the photography style as well !