Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Art: Indigo Blue Floral Wedding Suite

Hi I started making designs for wide variety products on Zazzle.
Would really appreciate your support and suggestions.

Here I display my latest collection of Indigo Blue Floral Suite containing hand painted water color cards for various occasions during the wedding.

Best part: You can customize how the product would look, colors and text..

Indigo Blue Floral Wedding Suite
Indigo Blue Floral Wedding Suite
by Mom Das

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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Hi !
Spring is coming...
Time to grow plants...
Grow some succulents in matter of hour or two!!
Though idea came to me through other pioneers,
I myself tried it just this time :)

These are disposable containers made of terracotta or burnt clay.
For my project, I chose the smallest clay pot (used originally as disposable tea cup in India, known as Kulhar)
Pick your pot and clean it.
Apply a thin coat of primer (I used fine tinted clay used on wood with craft glue and little water in equal proportions). Let it dry.
Sand the surface to get smooth finish using fine sand paper or rag.

Fire your imaginations and paint the outer part and rim of your pot.
I used gold and red color to decorate my pot.

 Take a stone and clean it with soap and water. Dry well.
Paint it with green acrylic color. Dry well.
Now use fine brush and white acrylic paint to paint thorns on your succulent.
Dry well.

Fill your decorated pot with clean dry sand.
Push and stand your succulent in it.
DONE !!!

Here's my succulent sitting pretty adding a touch of green to my living room...
I plan to make more succulents in future :)