Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Hi! Am a restless soul always fidgeting to do something new.
Found a barren wall in my appartment which looked lonely :(
I painted it
It is cheerful now, and so is the complete room..

This is my wall in living room.
The paintings are made by me.
Rest of the wall is empty.
The room is decorated in colour shades of sunny yellow, orange, rust and brown.

I have used burnt brick red poster colour mixed with equal parts of white craft glue.
No pen/pencil/sketching
Just started off...
Love Frangipani or Plumeria plant and flowers..
Started with few branches coming in from the balcony attached to the living room..

Next painted the leaves and flowers..
Just outlines...

Then I realized the painting does not stand out
Unless I fill up the flowers and buds...

So, here it is...
My cheerful wall :)
My wall now has branches of Frangipani or Plumeria coming in through the balcony. They are in full bloom.
There is even a chirping pair of birds.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Hi! Its good to be back from holidaying!
Today is  some craft work done by kids

What all you shall need:

Wasted CD
Toilet paper empty cardboard roll
Colour sheets (in two different colours)
Coloured cellotape
Felt tip colour pens
White craft glue
Scissors and knife
Pencil andruler

 Take the CD and draw a line, such that you get a segment as bellow. Ask a grown up to cut the CD with scissors carefully.
Measure the height of segment, say "A".
Now on side of the toilet paper cardboard roll, mark two lines of length "A" on each side of diameter of base. Ask a grown up to cut line slits as seen bellow with knife carefully.
Measure the full length of toilet paper roll and cut a coloured paper so as to cover it completely.
Cut out a circle from a different colour paper.

Cover and stick the coloured paper on to the roll neatly.
Now gently with knife cut the paper where earlier slits were made.
Insert the cut out CD segment into the slits on the cardboard roll, and your rocket can stand.
Cut the radius of the coloured circular paper, and then fold and stick to form a cone.

 Next decorate the rocket with colour tapes and drawing with colour pens.
Using glue fix the cone on top of your rocket and let it dry well.

Now that you have your own rocket..