Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bhuvaneshwar-Puri-Konark THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE over a long weekend!

A very big HI to All!
It was a long weekend and my kids school was also closing for summer break..
We took a quick trip to The Golden Triangle in Odisha!
Let me share a few snippets from our travel

We reached Bhuvaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha, India at night..
Rested the night
And after a hearty breakfast, hired a prepaid taxi to Puri and Konark...

The weather was cloudy and soon it started to pour...
We crossed the famous village of Pipli known for its applique works

We soon reached Puri
Went straight to Sri Jagannath Temple premises
And Prasaad (food offerings to the deity which is later distributed to the visiters)
Oh! the Prasaad tasted out of the world and a small helping was so filling..
No photography was allowed and it was pouring..
We went to Puri beach.. The sea was furious in rains...
We headed straight for Konark..
Just before turning in towards the city we went to beach.
Steep beach with roaring sea, topped with cold winds..

Near the Konark temple we hired umbrellas and moved on..
Though a lot in ruins, but restorations works are going on
It was the first Chariot shaped temple built in the locality
which later became the trend
The temple is shaped as Chariot standing on twelve pairs of wheels and driven by seven horses...
Note the gateway
The Lion dominating an elephant is symbol repeated in many Kalinga architectural pieces in this region
Moisture got into my camera. Oops!

Aarotrika and Adhrit are standing next to a giant wheel of the temple.
Not only intricately carved
The wheels are designed to give exact time calculation even today..
Oh! About the carvings on this temple!
The elephants in queue holding their trunks and tails
Various Hindu deities
Beautiful floral carvings
And there are enumerous little erotic carvings all around the temple! Curious!
Well tired by now we came back to Bhuvaneshwar.

Next day we stayed in Bhuvaneshwar only
First to Lingaraja Temple devoted to Lord Shiva
Numerous small and big temples built on lines of Kalinga architectures,
All in a huge temple complex
Offering prayer to many forms of Lord Shiva!
Beautiful, but sadly no pics to share

Next we went to Mukteshwar temple
Again a chariot temple devoted to Lord Shiva

Beautifully carved
Is not so?
Glowing as gold in the sunlight..

My little world in this Old world temple complex..

Now we headed across the city to the mountains of
Udaygiri and Khandagiri
built around 2nd century B.C.
Many Jain monasteries are built here
The rooms are joined by long passages guarded by pillars
And rooms are small barely reaching height of standing man
The beds are mere elevated stone raised on head end like pillow
In all this simple living are intricate carvings

 Brahmi inscriptions are seen on the walls and ceiling
Love this particular cave

In contrast to yesterday
Today is very sunny

Next stop was Dhauli
Emperor Ashoka after the famous battle of Kalinga was full of remorse
The Daya river's water had turned red with blood
He built many rock relics with laid down rules to promote peace, love and orderliness in society, in Brahmi script. Still seen here...
In 1970s this White pagoda was built here

 The Pagoda has huge Buddha statues in different forms and many stone tablets.

We lastly went to see Raja-Rani temple
The beauty carved on stones take your breathe away

 Another piece on architectural glamour

Evening I went shopping and bought Sambalpuri sarees with Ikkat pattern unique to this region.
Time for good sleep
Early morning we came back home...

Shall take you soon to another trip...

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Hi! A few things are never too many!
Like cushions!
Have a pair of 10x10 inches cushions,
Sew covers for them from left overs...

All I used was:
Adequate amount of printed heavy fabric for front
and matching cotton fabric for back
Some trimming(them came out of fleece shawl I used for making baby quilt)
Matching sewing thread, scissors, measuring tape and sewing machine
And, yes a little velcro

Front was easiest done by cutting out 10.4"x10.4" printed fabrics
The back was made such that the cushion can be put in or out through an overlapping opening
Fixed in place using velcro in the centre

Now the more tricky part
Sewing the pieces of fabric together in right order:
1st: the back fabric facing the right side up
2nd:  the trimming or any edging facing the right side up; and with the lacy or free side towards the centre or inwards
and last 3rd: the front fabric with the WRONG side up

Following the above order, once you finish sewing all around, neatly sewing in the edging and turn the cushion inside out You get a perfect cushion cover.

So simple
Just one morning!

Enjoy simple pleasures of life!

Friday, 3 June 2016


Hi All!
The month of June brings summer vacation to my kids..
So we do crafts, plays and read new things..
Am going to share some of the good crafts me and my adorable kids make this Summer Together...
How about a happy butterfly fairy in your garden
 Before starting collect all you need:
Empty tissue paper roll (else roll up a card board)
Any Colour paper
 Felt tip or sketch pens
White Card paper
White glue
Shiny colour tape
Googly eyes
Match sticks

To begin
Mark the height of tissue paper roll on card paper
This is the maximum height of the wings
Now draw symmetrical wings of butterfly with any pattern
Then using black felt pen draw the final outlines

Use crayons to fill in the colours
Can also use sequins on the wings
Cut out the wings from card paper

Now its turn to make the body
1. Cover the body with any coloured paper and fix it with glue
You can put coloured tape to add features as crown, dress..
Draw the features of butterfly with pencil
2. Next glue or tape the match sticks to make the antenae
Also stick the googly eyes
3. Use felt pens to do detailing of face and dress
4. Use touches of crayon to add depth like in dress and facial make-up

Now time for patience
Stick the body to the wings with glue
Wait till its well dry

Isn't she a beauty?

 My kids Aarotrika and Adhrit had loads of fun making this Butterfly
Hope you too
Shall come back with some more craft...