Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Finale

Hi Everyone!
I loved participating in Me Made May 2016 challenge..
Thanks to Zoe
Have come across so many like minded people around the world..
Made friends..
Learnt new things..
Was appreciated..
And had tons and tons of fun..

(Click the image for a larger view)

So you All know
What I wore in May 2016

Hope to keep all my old and new found friends..
Keep visiting my blog..
Easy way is to follow me in some form
E-mail suscribe, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter.....
Love to meet You again and again..

Me Made May 2016: Day 31

Hi Everyone!
So we reached 31st May!
I was little panicky at the beginning of the month
whether I would be able to meet my Challenge
Today am panicky that I am going to miss meeting people on this forum
And there's so much more that I want to share

Today I showcase..

I love Sarees.
Am wearing a Patli-Pallu Kalamkari block printed cotton saree..

The blouse that I wear is smart
Its a neat cut blouse with darts at sleeves  and at waists in front for shape..
The blouse is back open with multi-colour buttons sewn in different colour threads..
The neck is boat shaped..
The sleeves and neck have a multi-colour block printed fabric piping..

Please excuse the creases on the Palazzo..
Was running short of time..
I show you this out of whim..
And brought Palazzo out from somewhere back of my cupboard..
I had drafted and sewn my very first Palazzo
With printed fine terricott in grey with black stars..

The consistent truth about life is change..
One must learn to embrace change in his or her own way..
And move on with life..

Hope you All like my effort of using one single garment in
Both Indian and Western style..

Monday, 30 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 30

Hi! Namashkar!
Just two days left and now I want to share so much..
Am Indian
And my wardrobe can never be complete without Sarees..
I believe
All women look beautiful in Saree irrespective of their sizes, shapes or colour..
Its a graceful garment..

Why this Saree?
I had bought 5 and half metres of plain orange Khadi silk Saree and painted it..
Shakuntala and Dushyant story scene is depicted in Pulla or Aanchal..
The jeweleries have been  embroidered in gold threads and sequins..
All around the border there are beautiful deers painted in the garden..

The blouse or top that I wear here is made of self woven pattern cotton fabric in red. It is the same fabric used by me to make the kurta I wore on Day 10
I highlighted the woven pattern with simple run stitches with beige colour threads.
The blouse is ordinary front open darted blouse,
But, back is interesting
It appears to be back open due to beige buttons sewn in with red threads
And asymmetric neck..

I love the entire ensemble
Hope you too..
See you tomorrow with interesting twist..

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 29

Hi and Happy Sunday!
Day to have fun and relax
So am trying simplest way out!
The long ankle length skirt is like pencil skirt with side slit
Its even simpler!!
I was once gifted a Saree from someone I could not refuse and had to wear..
I never liked it..
So, I cut it..
This skirt is made of the Aanchal(the intricate woven designed last part of Saree, that hangs over the shoulder as a stole) of the Saree.. 
The fabric is just the width of Saree for the waist and down..
Length is from waist to ankle along with waist band and lower hem allowances..
Stitched the sides..
Put elastic in the waist..
Hem lower edge..
And done..
Wear it casually with long loose top or T-shirt!

See You tomorrow!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 28

Hello Everyone!
Wear a bright dress to 
Brighten your moods and your day!
What can be more bright?

I was just strolling in the market when I spotted this bright green and magenta very Indian print cotton fabric..
I just had to have it..
The Kurta is simple A-line dress with side slits..
The yoke
Well its historical
It was more of a sampler piece on which my Mother taught me variety of stitches..
We gave it a shape of yoke and used it on an Anarkali kurta..
The Anarkali kurta is no more, but
The yoke stayed with me
I used it here..
Just perfect match..

Its so bright and I like it..
See you tomorrow!

Friday, 27 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 27

Hi Everybody!
O! I like the long flowing Bohemian full length dress..
Wanted to wear one..
So I made one..
Out of three different block printed, natural dyed, hand loom cotton fabrics.
The body is simple with shape due to two darts in front and back..
The skirt is made as skirt I wore on Day 7
There are many pipings and borders added with just these three fabrics to get the desired design..
The waist has a flowing string belt with ceramic beads to add weight..

I very much enjoy this dress..
Hope you too!

See you tomorrow!
Have a nice day!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 26

Hello All!
As am off to some roaming around
Here is what am wearing today..

The entire set; the top Kurta and lower Churidaar are made by me..
The Kurta is made of brocade fabric..
The Brocade fabric had intricate pattern woven in teal, golden yellow and maroon;
With border on two sides of the running fabric..
Border has patterns in silver and golden yellow threads..
Started by cutting off the borders and sewing them one along side another piece
So as to get the chest, back and shoulders of the kurta
The skirt is made in simple A-line cut with rest of Brocade..
The Churidaar is made of teal camric fabric..
Oh! Missed showing you the teal semi-Pashmina stole I use with this ensemble!

I like the look;
And now out to some sight-seeing..

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 25

Hi Everyone!
Well took a weekend trip to Bhuvaneshwar-Puri-Konark, The Golden Triangle in Odisha, India. In the coming month shall blog the visit..
This image was taken in Udaygiri Jain excavated monasteries last Saturday..

The lower churidaar come trouser is the one that I wore on Day 11
The top or Kurta is made of chocolate and wine shaded raw silk..
The design is mine..
As I made the front overlapping style with the wrap winding its way to side and back again in center..
I love the buttons found in a small shop in Pahargunj, New Delhi long time back..
The kurta as you see has three slits; two on each side and one in center..
The dupatta or stole used is made cotton fabric with golden threads woven into it which I got dyed into the same colour as the churidaar..

I like my dress!
Hope you too!
See You tomorrow!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day24: SHIRT REFASHION before-after

Hello Everybody!
For a long time I wanted to do a shirt refashion..
This shirt was never much worn and mostly lied low in the wardrobe..

It was HIS,
I made it MINE..

Well, here is the shirt before I changed it..

First, I cut off the collar, pocket and cuffs
Second, reduced  the shoulders and the chest by cutting off extra fabric
Third, sew the sleeves to new arm holes with pleats on the shoulder
Fourth, hem the sleeves to 3/4 sleeve length
Fifth, sew the chest and rest of lower length of shirt with pleats like in peplum tops
Sixth and final, adjusted the lower hem line of shirt by rising the side bit more.

Now that the top is done,
time to embellish..
 I painted a motif of Ganesha in red and gold, on the left
Added little dabs of red on the buttons just to add colour

Here i finish the top with a scarf belt in red
Wear it with long pencil skirts or jeans..

It was fun making
and wearing HIS as MINE 
See you tomorrow..

Monday, 23 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 23

Hi Everybody!
Today is special day to me as
Today is my dear Hubby, Suman's birthday!

My creation for today is..

The entire dress- Kurta and Churidaar are made of hand loom South cotton..
A word about the stole- It is raw silk stole embroidered by my mother in green and maroon in Kashmiri embroidery style. Shall share her creations with you on blog one day...
The kurta has two different fabrics put together- Check and plain in yoke and sleeves..
The yoke and sleeves are embellished by me using red piping and bead work, using wooden and holy basil wood beads..
The skirt of the kurta is made by joining four pieces together like one does for 4-cut petticoats..

The entire ensemble is very sophisticated in look..
Am sure,
You would like it too..
See you tomorrow..

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 22

Hi and Happy Sunday!

Today go free, light and flowing like

My top
Made of printed cotton fabric..
I like the print as it looks as though patchwork..Bohemian?
The neck collar is in continuity with the front open button line with extra lenght of fabric attached to give the extra frill near neck and front..
Highlighted with orange piping all over..

My friends liked it
Hope you do too..
See you tomorrow..

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 21

Hi There!
Lets see what I have here..

Today am wearing a
Printed Georgette kurta with same fabric stole and yellow cotton churidaar.

The kurta is "A" line
The sleeves have a touch of yellow from fabric for churidaar as piping..
The neck yoke is interesting..
The yellow cotton fabric was sewn with pin tucks to give texture,
And then cut in shape
Adding to it Georgette piping,
Yellow cotton fabric with blue embroidery to form lace
and finished with another Georgette piping  

Hope you all like it
See you tomorrow..

Friday, 20 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 20

Hi Everyone!
I just can't believe, I have managed so far..
Today's creation is..

Copper coloured satin top..
V neck and straight cut..
Simple cuttings and sewing, but then
There is button-hole type edging with black threads, on sleeves and bottom to highlight and embellish..
The neck is lightly embroidered with black threads..


I like it. Guess you too..
See you tomorrow..

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Me Made May 2016 : Day19

Did you notice?
I got a haircut..
A fresh haircut always makes me happy..

Today, am wearing  "A"line kurta with matching churidaar and contrast orange dupatta or stole..
The fabric is hand loom cotton or known as South Cotton..
It is predominantly bottle green..
The fabric used for the kurta has been embroidered with lotus pattern..
The embroidery is reverse shadow and run..

Not much to say
& Elegant..

See you tomorrow..

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day18

Hi and have a lovely day!

Today am going for a hair cut..
Badly needed..

So on the way..
This top is made of cotton mulmul fabric with
Lucknowi Chickenkari embroidery on it..
Lucknowi chickenkari is shadow work embroidery..
The style and patterns are typical to Lucknow from state of Uttar Pradesh in India.
As I was little short of fabric for the sleeves, I added length by joining some plain fabric and embroidering on it to match the rest of the top..
It doesn't show anymore..
Don't stare at my sleeves next time you you see me in this top.

See you tomorrow!..

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 17

Hi everybody!

So today am going to show the top I wore so many times before, but never talked about..

I wonder now why did I not show the top much earlier in the month?

Well, the top is made of maroon pure cotton fabric..
The top has overlapping front..
The neck is closed and gradually going straight down as in front open tops; has taken a curve and reached the left waist,
And is secured there with a knot in golden cords.
I like the fabric buttons I made which are held by golden loops..
The neck and sleeves are also embellished with little border with
white, black and gold..

Hope you all like it..
The maroon and gold have a regal touch..

See you tomorrow..

Monday, 16 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 16

Hi Everyone!
Its bit cloudy and breezy today! Respite from the summer heat here!

Today am wearing..

The entire set of upper Kurta and lower Churidaar are me made..

The Kurta is made of pure cotton handloom fabric with thick cords of pale green and white woven in stripes..
The yoke is built with the two pieces of same fabric overlapping each other..
So there is a small collar, and the neck starts of straight down and end in "V" of yoke..
The sleeves and yoke are embroidered with black and maroon threads in Sindhi embroidery by my mother..

Light cotton, especially for the summers..

See you tomorrow with the top I wore so often but never told you about..

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 15

Hi Everybody!

Today is sunday, lazy day?
Well today am showing you a long flowing skirt..

The second image was badly exposed, and this is all that I could salvage..
Wanted to show you that the skirt has great flare at the bottom..

The skirt is made of reused or recycled silk saree of my mother..
As the fabric is pure silk the skirt itself is very soft, light and flowing..
It was very easy to make..
Put multiple darts on the top to get the desired waist band length, and then add the elastic to waist..
The bottom of skirt is about three and a half metres in girth..

It looks great with tight fitting tops..
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 14

Hi Everyone!
Hope You all have a lovely bright happy day today!

I once went to a shopping mall and saw a similar top on one of the high end showrooms..
I kept the image in my mind..
And as soon as I reached home drew it on paper.
Then this is what I made with the help of my mother..

The top is made of sunny golden yellow pure cotton fabric
I sew and
My mother did the crochet and embroidery..
O! You must see her speed and neatness in embroidery and crochet.
The sleeves are open, just attached with little pleats on the shoulder.
There is just one hook concealed by crochet in front.
The crochet highlights the sleeves, neck and lower border..
Clover leaves are embroidered on chest, back and near lower border.

Yellow with touches of green make a very refreshing combo..
The dress instantly peps me up

Hope you too like it..
See you tomorrow..

Friday, 13 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 13

Wishing You All a very lovely day today!

As we all know its STRIPES day for Me Made May 2016,
Here we go
In a hurry
Bad pose
But wanted show you the slit..

There is something to tell you about the fabric

This straight skirt is made of Manipuri hand loom wool and cotton mix fabric; in bright yellow, green and black stripes.

In Manipur, India women weave their own clothes on small looms at home. They make a wrap around like dress for the lower part. As the loom is narrow the cloth is weaved in two parts and then stitched together to give the complete width of fabric.
The bordered weaved is in black, which is later embroidered.
Though I bought the complete set on my visit to Manipur, I just used one piece to sew this skirt. 
There are two darts in front and again in back of dress.
I used the fabric such that I get stripes along my hieght
I let the border come to one side,
and let the slit till mid calf lie next to it..
The waist has a zipper and trouser hooks for fitting.

So here I have a traditional fabric in new avataar or look
Have fun today
See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 12

Hello Everyone!

I went out with friends and Arpita scolded me for taking all the pictures in the same place everyday. Well that's the best lit spacious area..Anyway taking the opportunity  I asked her to take my pictures today..

The entire dress is me made..
The kurta(upper garment) is made of factory machine embroidered Kotah(an even weave fine net like fabric) cotton; ofcourse with a cotton same colour lining.
Simple sleeveless A-line kurta from the front
But go back
Dori or Fabric ropes tie up the back, and give the dress perfect fit..
The doris are embellished with little fabric cones in the end with small bells..
Everytime I move there is a little tinkle..

The lowers or Churidaar is made of same colour cotton camric..

The Dupatta or drape or stole is yellow Georgette to match the embroidery with a broad border of the same fabric used for kurta..

Mamma gifted me this fabric and I love the colour and the texture..
Cool, summery..

We meet tomorrow again..

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 11

Hi Everyone!

Me in a me made trousers..
Design my own..

The trousers are made of good quality dark chocolate terricot with more cotton ratio in it..
It is worn with buttons near the waist on one side, (well hidden)..
There is also a pocket on the other side of waist..
What's interesting is the pleats that you see in the bottom part..
Just like churidaar..

So its neat as a trouser and has pleats as churidaar..
Can wear it with western tops
And even with kurtis as I shall share pictures some time this month..

Have a great day and see you tomorrow..

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Me Made May 2016: Day 10

Good to see you All here!

Today as I was going out to meet some friends, took these
I love RED..

The kurta is made of red pure cotton self patterned fabric..
This is me made pattern..
The neck starts as closed round, but just near the center becomes "V"
The kurta does not have a separate yoke but in its place,
I have put many pin tucks to give texture to the chest part of the kurta..
giving it style quotient..
The sleeves are slightly puffed in the ends..

I wore this kurta with my semi patiyala salwar discussed on day 2

Smart, casual and very comfortable dress..
Hope you all like it..
See you tomorrow..

Monday, 9 May 2016

Me Made May: Day 9

Hi Everyone!

Its a nice cheerful day..
Am out to the club and hence asked my friend Arpita to take my picture for today..
Its so easy and nice when someone takes your pic..

Both upper kurta and lower churidaar are me made..

The upper kurta is an A-line dress
Made of Off-white factory machine embroidered cotton and Mustard yellow block printed cotton
The sleeves have off-white fabric piping in the end..
In the dress wherever the Off-white fabric meets the Mustard fabric I have added a lace made of moss green and maroon threads.
How does this match?
Moss green goes with my lowers i.e. Churidaar pajama, and
Maroon matches with the block print on the mustard fabric..
What do you say?

Smart dress..Isn't it?
Hope you all have a very cheerful day!
Meet you tomorrow..

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Me Made May: Day 8

Hi Friends!

As an extension to yesterday's post
Am going to talk about the top

The top is made of self patterned and printed chiffon fabric
The shoulders before cutting are pulled towards the neck with help of two pin tucks
This gives stylish look to top, space for body and also show shoulder a bit more..
The top is made of just a metre of cloth
Front open and buttoned..

Simple yet very stylish and useful daily wear..
See you tomorrow in something different..