Friday, 26 June 2015


Hi! This lovely young lady, Ishita is my friend's daughter, and she taught me to make chicken loaf. No other chicken loaf but a microwaved chicken loaf, all done in 20 minutes.
Thank you Ishita!

Microwave time 20 minutes
Standing time 10 minutes
Makes a loaf 1 inch thick and 10 inches circle

500gms chicken mince
2 bread slices
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs beaten
1 tbs chopped fresh parsley leaves
1 tbs chopped fresh coriander leaves
1 big green capsicum chopped
2 medium onions chopped
2 tsp garlic chopped
2 tsp ginger chopped

1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp chilly flakes
1 tsp powdered black pepper or to your taste
salt to your taste

Cut the hard edges of the bread, soak them in milk, squeeze the extra milk out, and put the bread in chicken mince. Discard the left over milk.
Add in all the ingredients and mix well.
 Grease a deep 10 inches diameter microwavable dish with very little butter. Pour the mix and flatten and smoothen the top.
Microwave at high for 20 minutes uncovered and then switch off the microwave.
Allow standing time 10 minutes before taking it out of the microwave.

Serve hot or cold
Actually very basic, hence can be used to make many other dishes

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Friday, 12 June 2015


It was truely a weekend getaway from day to day nuisances. Our blissful faces confirm the truth of it.

We went to Chandipur in Odisha from Kolkata.

 It is one the most amazing beaches in the world.Check this link The Chandipur beach is listed among 15 top strange beaches in the world.
Why is it strange?
Well you can literally walk into the sea!!!
Well check this
Do not believe YET?
See the next three pics...

The first pic shows the sea near the horizon, the seconnd pic has sea about midway from horizon and shore, and third pic is at time of full high tide. These pics were taken from our guest room veranda. Took us a while to realize this on the first day.

 This pic was taken early morning about 5:30am or so, and...
 these are the same rocks at about 8:30am morning with high tide!

We were so excited the first day, we walked till the sea waves during the low tide (actually the horizon from our veranda). The beach is flat for stretches varying 1 to 6 kms. You can just go walking in ankle deep water till you reach actual waves.
 My little world enjoying themselves...
It's a serene beach with very few visitors
 Lovely breeze..

We were thrilled

We in the morning

 Here is the first glimpse of the sun...

Morning in bloom...

The foot prints of my most loved people in the world...
 Adhrit and Aarotrika

Tracks of a hermit crab...

The beach is strewn with sea shells

just like that...

Guess what?
It is dusk.
The moon is out.
Lucky we, its full moon!
High tide is approaching...
As the tide gradually came closer, we moved slowly towards shore.
We stayed for long in the beach observation point at night and enjoyed the sea in full moon during high tide. Oh! the night before there was rains with thundering and lightening. The sea would just dazzle up with lightening. VOW!!!
 Our last morning of the stay
A friend took us to see spotted antelopes...
they are very shy animals and ever alert...

What shy? A couple of them were saved from poachers and brought up here...
So some of them show little faith in some of we fellow humans and
like to eat maize corn from their hands...

 Last day with the sea
Kids enjoying
As the high tide would nudge towards the shore, we walked a few more step towards shore and so on ...till it was full high tide. Now to the observation point...

 As there are not many visitors, no commercialization, the beach is still a peaceful rendezvous with nature 
It was a short holiday
But some holidays are experiences and calm memories
This holiday filled my heart
Am peaceful
Am refreshed
Am charged
Am ready to meet the madness of life

Monday, 8 June 2015


Brother Adhrit with Birthday girl Aarotrika! Oof! so much for the posed smile..


The day before, I sat down with some coloured papers, pen, scissors and ribbon to make Aarotrika's birthday party invitation card...
Dear girl has her birthday during summer school break and so many of her friends go for outings and to grandparents...

Here is the cake I baked for her in microwave. Did some effort in icing and candies...

Happy birthday Aarotrika !

Please have a piece of cake...
There's a pink cake inside the cake with soft baby pink icing...

The kids need to have fun
Here they are decorating chart paper to make crowns and amulets
glitter...sequin...colours...glue please....

Here the creative masters with their masterpieces...

O! they played another game of balancing the book on head, missed the pic :(
There is a banner at the back for my daughter...
All home made delicacies...
and more...

Wish you the best in life, health and happiness...