Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Here is a small and very easy holiday project.
Let's learn the art of saving a little.
"Money saved is money earned"

Take a small can with a lid

Turn the can upside down and mark a line big enough for the coin of largest size in the center of the flat surface(look inset picture)
Now with the help of chisel and hammer carefully open up this mark

Now look inside the tin and try to fold in the raw edges and hammer them down inside the tin
Next tape this edges from inside the tin. This is now safe for even a child try to pick out coin from inside the tin(look at inset picture)

Measure any fancy paper or felt for the outer surfaces of the tin and cut them out. Apply craft glue on the surface of the tin(inset picture)
Neatly fix the paper on the tin can.

Decorate the tin cans with stickers or any thing you like. Once the lid is ON you have a coin slit in the tin and your bank is ready

Save all the coins in the house and have fun...

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

West Bengal handicrafts Fair-2014

Every time winters come with holidays, picnics, exhibitions, bright colours, excursions and lots of fun
We went to West Bengal State Handicrafts Fair
Come have a glimpse with me

Here is a village craftsman painting beautiful wall hangings with tribal art.

Crafts men at work making masterpieces

Womenfolk making mats
behind one can see many items made of mats

 Flowers in full bloom, is it spring?
look closely these are dry flowers made of dry seeds and shola(stem of a plant)
Also note the craved bamboo vases in the bottom left corner

Ooh! the saree stalls!
So much of kantha work here

Best creation in the world just for me,
My Hubby and my dear cubs Aarotrika and Adhrit
They just finished eating candy

 Here are jute in many colours, plaited and made into various decorative and daily use items

 Don't you think I have reached some mysterious land where everything has turned into terracotta(burnt clay) by some wizard

The men at work with their instruments, men selling fresh fruits and vegetables, the baul singers, the tribals,...
beautifully handmade of soft riverbed clay and painted

 This fine painting on Taalpatra(leaf of palm tree), an ancient art form

 Can you guess what are these lobsters, birds, etc. made of?
Buffalo horn

This is a single wood panel with Durga carved on it and is about 7feet high.
Also like the owl sitting infront

Oh its already dark and time to leave.
Will come back again
or go to some place new
Shall definitely take you along...