Wednesday, 7 March 2018

St Patrick's Day is here: Get LUCKY! Get Shopping lovely products

Hi Everyone!
St Patrick's Day is just round the corner..
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St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock/Clover LOVE
St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock/Clover LOVE
by Artistically_Yours
Plush cushions for spring and even throughout the year..
St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock/Clover Forest
St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock/Clover Forest
by Artistically_Yours
can cooler

And many more things to choose from
Not just for one day celebration
But to enjoy the year round...
St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock/Clover Luck & Love
St Patrick's Day Green Shamrock/Clover Luck & Love
by Mom Das

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Friday, 23 February 2018

DIY: Table Foosball or Soccer with cardboard at Home

A very big Hi to all of You!
Sometime back it was my son's birthday and I wanted to make him something more than a cake and the Shirt..
I made him a Table Foosball or Soccer..
He was thrilled...

I photographed the steps to share on my blog with you,
But forgot to take measurements..
So, if anyone of you can see me now,
am sitting with the Soccer board and measuring tape while am writing this blog :)

OK! So I started with a big empty cardboard box.
As you see I have cut it open into half,
so that, now my field is 14 inches by 20 inches, and 6 inches deep.
I cut out small rectangles 3 inches by 1.5 inches on either sides along the width of box,
as the goal posts.
Cut four small holes just big enough to allow the rods through on either sides along the length, 4 inches from the ground.

Next I covered the walls of the board with white paper using craft glue.

I used green textured handmade paper at the base of the box
to make the field.

You can used dowels, but I had some light weight metal rods,
Which I cut to 25 inches size,
Sanded the sharp ends smooth
Painted them black
Let dry before use.

Next using my acrylic color I painted the markings on the field.

Put in the four rods through the holes across the field.

Next cut out 12 strips of cardboard
8 inches by 1.7 inches.
Stuck them to the rods equidistant to each other using double sided tape.
Folded down the two ends and covered them with white paper to make the players.
Next using some colors and marker pens
I painted the players.

Painted the players both sides.
Make sure you make two teams on alternative rods and don't forget the goal keepers.

Next drop in a ping-ping ball or any light ball
Go ahead and maybe color it and
Your football or soccer ball is ready.

As you see
My kids were so thrilled
Couldn't even take a still steady pic..

Hope am helpful and inspiring  enough
for you to go ahead and make one for yourself!

Do tell me how you liked this project of mine on the comment box bellow.
Your visits and comments are always welcome and cherished.

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Saturday, 27 January 2018

VALENTINE'S DAY Gifts for LOVED ones: Part 3

Hope you like my creations on zazzle products

Here is two new collections celebrating LOVE

Flaunt in this pair of leggings

Valentine Starburst Red Hearts
Valentine Starburst Red Hearts
by Artistically_Yours

Enjoy a cup of warmth with
Valentine Starburst Red Hearts
Valentine Starburst Red Hearts
by Artistically_Yours

Snuggle up to coziness of
Valentine Starburst Red Hearts
Valentine Starburst Red Hearts
by Artistically_Yours

And much more from my collection
Valentine Love Starburst Red Heart
Valentine Love Starburst Red Heart
by Mom Das

Like to see some more

Say that "My heart beats just for You"
My Heart Beats only for You
My Heart Beats only for You
by Artistically_Yours

Or play the game of Love
Its an All win situation
Win the Love Game
Win the Love Game
by Artistically_Yours

From my collection

Monday, 22 January 2018

VALENTINE'S DAY Gifts for LOVED ones: Part 2

Hi Everybody!

Hope you liked my previous post on my creations on Zazzle for Valentine's Day! Do let me know your opinion in my comment box..Thank you!

Here is some more

Blooming Red Heart
Blooming Red Heart
by Mom Das

And Some More

Live & Love with Swan Lace Heart
Live & Love with Swan Lace Heart
by Mom Das

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The design, text and base color can be customized easily as your need.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

VALENTINE'S DAY Gifts for LOVED ones: Part 1


In a months time Valentine's Day is coming.
I have made in new design collection on Zazzle
for all those who want to tell their loved ones
that they are SPECIAL
they are

Here is a sneak peak...

One in a Million Heart Throw Blanket
One in a Million Heart Throw Blanket
by Artistically_Yours

Aren't they great and useful
Look for the complete collection here
Gift, Bath, Beauty, Apparel..

Friday, 22 December 2017

DIY: Tic Tac Toe from Pebbles & Fabric scrap

Hi Everybody!

Am sharing a DIY project after a long time now!
Its fun project.
Utility project..
Kids friendly...
Super EASY....

Shall we start?
We need few pebbles. These pebbles I picked up from riverside from our last few travel trips. I chose some dark and some light shaded pebbles.
Next we need is a piece of fabric (say15cm x 50cm), just big enough to paint the game and make pouch to store the pebbles.
Two strings about 50cm each ( Well finally I used green colored file tags or shoe lace).
Acrylic or fabric paint (I used white and black) and brush.
Matching thread to sew, scissors and sewing machine.

 Next I painted the Tic Tac Toe frame on the fabric.
Painted cross and "O" on pebbles. One can add a little coat of varnish over the pebbles for the extra shine.
A note on where to paint the frame of the game: Cut the fabric in required size. Fold the fabric just as it would look like as a draw string bag. At the folded base of the fabric, say 1cm from mid line paint the Tic Tac Toe frame.

Once the fabric paint is dry, sew your draw string bag.
Its super easy..
Will share a tutorial some day..:)
Put your pebbles in the bag...
And done....

Carry your game along with you.
Pour out the pebbles,
Stretch out the bag, and
Just start playing...
A very rustic old game made in a rustic old way...
Hope you will also enjoy making it with me....

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Starfish Nautical Floral Wedding and Home collection at Zazzle

Hi Everybody!
Today I display my latest collection of Starfish Nautical with Floral twist  designs.
Enjoy Nautical Star-fish with floral twist ever fresh wreath in your life. Water color and hand painted design. You can change the color of the background as your need. You can add Name/ Initials/ any text too...
It has products in wedding suite collection and home products to gift and everyday life too...

Hope you like it too!

The collection has complete wedding suite of cards collection
(with custom postage too).
to mugs, posters, cushions,...
Party items like paper napkins, coasters, glass and plates too....
Craft and gift items.....

If you want the design on some other product too, please contact me and I shall try to do so.

Best part: You can customize how the product would look, colors and text..
You can change even the background color to any color that you want...

Starfish Nautical Floral Wreath
Starfish Nautical Floral Wreath
by Mom Das

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